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Waxing is one of the most popular ways to remove excessive hair. The basic principle of waxing is elimination of excessive hair without destroying hair follicle. In case of regular waxing hair follicles are injured, as a result, hair gets brittle and there is less hair. Different kinds of wax and resins are used for waxing. Considering a wide selection of manufacturers, wax should be selected by professionals.

If you choose this excessive hair removal technique, you should be aware that it is not painless. Sensitivity depends on the treated area, hair intensity and, certainly, individual pain threshold.

Hair should be about 0.5 cm long before the waxing. In order to avoid excessive skin irritation, it is not recommended to sunbathe, attend tanning saloon, swimming pool or do any activities related to increased sweating before and after the procedure. Underwear made of natural materials is recommended after the procedure.

The waxing process is not complicated - wax is applied on the skin in the direction opposite to hair growth direction; strips made of special material can be used (for warm wax) or it can be done without strips (for hard or hot wax); hardened wax is caught by fingers and ripped off with a swift move, thus removing hair. Then post-waxing products are applied; they sooth the skin and delay hair growth.