Water treatment

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Underwater massage is one of water treatment methods which is efficient due to combination of simultaneous effect of water and massage. When a person stays in warm water, it helps muscles relax and soothes the pain. Water jet gives an opportunity to have effect on deep tissues.

Underwater massage has a versatile effect on the body. It is recommended:

  • In case of diseases and injuries of musculoskeletal system.
  • In case of disturbances of the nervous system, neuritis, radiculitis, cerebrovascular diseases.
  • In case of metabolic disorders, obesity.
  • In case of cardiovascular diseases.
  • In case of muscle pain caused by sport-related load.
  • For cosmetic purposes, to treat cellulitis.

Underwater massage can be complemented by aroma therapy, adding essential oil to the water. This water massage helps to get rid of muscle strain and activates blood circulation. At the same time the fragrance improves the general well-being.