Facial Esthetic


Skin condition depends not only on external factors and health condition; it also reflects inner feelings and emotions of the person. The objective of the 4th Dimension specialists is not only to eliminate look of unhealthy and non-aesthetic facial skin, but also provide spiritual enjoyment through various unusual and relaxing procedures and to make you smile in emotional wellbeing.


In order to achieve improvement of the visual appearance, several caring, cleaning, humidifying and anti-aging treatments are offered and treatment plan is developed in cooperation with doctors in case of:

  • Affected by acne.
  • Dry.
  • Sensitive.
  • Cupreous.
  • Seboreic skin.
  • Pigmented skin.

Procedures involve usage of advanced technology equipment, manual methods, application of newest generation remedial cosmetics and facial skin cleaning methods:

  • Chemical peeling.
  • Peeling with AHA (fruit acids).
  • Enzymes peeling.
  • Mechanical peeling.

Aromatherapy in especial mood will help you not only to achieve great looks, but also to relax from daily routine and to organise your inner feelings. Based on compatibility of essential oils and crystals, massage with Bio-Aroma gems is offered, which stimulated and balances spiritual energy, relaxes, harmonises imbalance of leading emotional feelings and promotes effectiveness of visual result. Massage crème is often prepared for procedure with extracts of essential oils, which are activated prior to use by a crystal therapy method. In order to achieve more permanent result, more invasive methods are offered.

Diagnostics of the face of the skin, as well as skin preparation, rehabilitation and supporting therapy plan is established to obtain maximum effect while matching skin care products, beginning laser therapy or other invasive skin rejuvenation treatments.