Facial diagnostics

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So far facial diagnostics were used to determine level of grease and humidity, skin ultrasound was also used in order to determine one particular problem. Now more advanced method is available – cosmetic remedial multi-level facial diagnostics with spectral diagnostics technology device Beau Visage. Picture of the face is taken in profile and frontal view with special filters and computer uses special software to analyse acquired data, which results in wide spectrum diagnostic conclusion. Precise data of skin condition is received – multitude/depth of wrinkles, state of blood capillaries, condition of subcutaneous collagen, pigmentation (including birth marks!), solar damage (UV rays), covering not only visible, but also invisible subcutaneous damage. The biological age of skin is identified during diagnostics. Programme includes development of plan for application of solutions – procedures, the result of its success can later be traced, since data is electronically stored and later compared.