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Sanshui Aroma SPA massage is unforgettable journey in the world of aromatherapy and feelings, which are given by nature … Eastern ceremony of therapy allows to feel your body and spirit, it relaxes from every day stress, as well as it gives you fantastic feelings of sound, smell and touch...

Sanshui Aroma SPA massage is based on traditions of Asian therapists which is fulfill with latest knowledge of aromatherapy. In such way was discovered new and exclusive program for your body's well being. The secret of it is hidden in cooperate mix of healing herbs, rear sounds, value flowers and exotic fruits. Pleasant warm, aroma, music, appropriate light in the room and relaxing tea, as well as traditional and Eastern techniques of massage is the ritual of Sanshui Aroma SPA massage. This all gives real self-confident felling and brings back your spirit of life. 
Sanshui Aroma SPA ceremony is based on five elements of Eastern culture - fire, metal, earth, wood and water. They cooperate with five human organs of sense. To recognize the necessary specific aroma for treatment, the 3-stage analysis is made for customer, which is made according to colour and form analysis related to medicine. According to chosen element, the next step for treatment's optimizing is to use customer's feeling of smell. Customer smells three different aromas. 
The Sanshui treatment starts with peeling using specific massage. Using base oil, which is mixed with bamboo peeling and specific peeling gloves the massage is held. To improve blood circulation and flow of lymph, the movements of massage time to time comes more stronger then again weaker. Peeling eliminates dead cells from the skin, it becomes smoother and it is ready to fly away with feeling of massage.
The customer takes a shower after the peeling. When he comes back from the shower the atmosphere is ready according to chosen element - specific music, aroma and even light. It opens the way to harmony...
Treatment continues with massage of special herbal pinds. It is made by meridian lines, and before the treatment they are dip in warm oil. The smallest pinda (yin) goes in front, but the largest (yang) goes after it. In such way they incorporates between calming and cheering energies. They harmonize the human inside world, emotions and feelings, which are part of human's ego.
At the end of treatment the specialist makes the manual balancing massage with appropriate VITAROME, which customer choose at the beginning of treatment. The VITAROME nourishes the skin, as well as improves the customer's breathing system. To balance energies between yin and yang the specialist choose to use opposite aroma of chosen one. 
Sanshui Aroma SPA massage gives harmony of feelings and new knowledge of aromatherapy. This manual massage not only reduces stress, but also increases and balances energy; it takes away toxins, which are in our organisms, reduces tension of muscles and articulations. Sanshui Aroma SPA massage is recommended to people who have pains in back.
This journey - swim in sea of aroma oils allows you enjoy pleasant movements, internal peace, feeling of well - being, herbal aroma oils and touches full of love. You regain you power by allowing flowing your energy of life. This Sanshui Aroma SPA massage can be wonderful gift to someone special that dreams about relax and exotic feeling! 
After this massage it is advisable to let the customer lay for 10 -15 minutes for harmonize the organism. Then comes tea. The aim of this treatment is to rebalance internal energy as well as to renovate harmony, by eliminating bad symptoms.
According to results of test the customer gets the tea and specialist advices home care products. They will help to save the balance, which was, renovate by this treatment.
The test, which is made before the Sanshui Aroma SPA massage, is based on five elements of traditional Chinese Medicine. They visually shows colours and forms. If you have chosen,


You feel matt, strength less and tired? The therapy of Fire will give you energy, warmth, strength and new aliveness! It symbolizes summer and South. The colour of this element is RED!


You feel weight, inertia and depressively? This treatment will wake your life spirit, renovate you and bring you feeling of lightness. Metal symbolizes autumn and West. The colour of this element is YELLOW.


You feel unbalanced, provoked and imbalanced? This treatment acts like stabilizer and harmonizer. Earth symbolizes Indian summer and our being. The colour of this element is BROWN.


You recognize that everyday life absorbs all your energy? You feel yourself misunderstood and you can't move forward anymore? This treatment will return your constantly, peace and energy. The colour of this element is GREEN.


You feel yourself discontent, unsatisfied and unrest? This treatment will obtain peace, by creating feeling of satisfaction. The colour of this element is BLUE.