Massage of Reflexogenous Zones

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Massage of reflexogenous zones facilitates unconscious or reflexive response from certain organs, muscles or glands to the flow of energy, which is consciously caused by the masseur affecting nerve endings located in the feet. The core of the reflexotherapy lies in the idea that human feet is a miniature map of the whole body. Massage movements through the nerve endings at the feet cause reflex reaction. Each “reflex point” on the foot has certain organ, gland or part of certain organ that this point reacts to.

Reflexotherapy relieves and facilitates body self-healing abilities. Especial “reflex points” massage technique allows to decrease tension and reinstate energy balance in respective body parts. Feet reflexotherapy activates blood and lymph circulation, stimulates body movement organs and facilitates removal of toxins. As a result body regains energy balance and inner harmony in quite natural way. This energizing feet massage can cure also deeper health problems, not only the visible symptoms – stress, tiredness, nausea, low level of energy and loss of joy for life. Reinstated energy flow helps your body to remove excess toxins that block circular traffic between organs and return energy to the human body. This affects the body as such. During the procedure client sometimes enjoys deep relaxation, often falling into relieving sleep. Reflexology course is especially recommended in the cases of back pain and tension caused head aches. Gestational problems can also often be cured by reflexology in a more efficient way than by medicines. For the effect of this method we must prize our nerve system, which in a very fine way connects all our body parts with certain points in our feet. In our feet we are wearing the key to all our health problems!