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Beauty Clinic 4th Dimension is a natural result of accumulated experience and knowledge – it is a beauty clinic of unique concept combining medical and beauty care. Concept of beauty is multi-dimensional – it comprises healthy skin, hair and nails as well as beautiful, sportive shape and correct posture, harmonious inner world and self-confidence.

Beauty Clinic 4th Dimension is a diversified medically oriented aesthetic clinic which is located on two floors. The first floor is given to aesthetic care, facial and body care and SPA area, but the second floor - to treatment, aesthetic dermatology, laser therapy and physiotherapy.

Here one can find the most updated apparatus and laser technologies along with ancient curative rituals that are nowadays known as SPA. SPA procedures are not intended just for relaxing purpose – they help solving particular aesthetic body or facial problems. Beauty Clinic provides wide range of facial and body procedures, SPA therapy, including exotic massages, such as chocolate massage, hot stones massage, massage with herbal packets (pindas), crystal therapy, etc. as well as services of beauty care and podiatry (treatment of foot and nail problems) specialists.

In Beauty Clinic the widest range of laser procedures is available – laser and photo epilation, elimination of different vascular and skin growths (warts and birthmarks), elimination of fine lines, removal of tattoos and pigments with laser in any part of the body without leaving any scars.

In order to solve an aesthetic problem completely, specialists collaborate with each other in a unified team. Clinic is equipped with special programmable apparatus technologies that help achieving maximal result in short period of time, finding appropriate solutions for all aesthetic problems of body. Like in medicine, in beauty care it is also very important to perform diagnostics.

Solution is adapted by taking result of diagnostics into account. Individually adjusted complex of procedures or physical activities, diet program, appropriate means of face and body treatment is composed and, what is very important – their effectiveness is being monitored.

For maximal result it is recommended to combine sling therapy with body care procedures in order to correct posture sparingly and model one’s shape. Just in one sling therapy room full complex of rehabilitation services is available in case of various musculoskeletal disorders.