Chocolate Massage

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Concerning chocolate there are always passions - in Maya culture just rich people were allowed to use it. In nova days chocolate has become available to all. It is not only sweet but it also can be used to indulge skin. The chocolate therapy offered by beauty clinic 4th Dimension never is too much.

As the choice of beauty care services widens it usually that comes up new types of massages. So besidesthe massage with hot and cold stones, pindas, crystals and brushes, the massage with chocolate appears.Chocolate has become as one of the famous skin care products, but the treatments with it also are offered by beauty centers of Latvia. Why should one say no to pleasure, when it is so healthy? And why it is so healthy and gives such pleasure? There were always some mystery and positive feeling in air concerning chocolate - mostly the chocolate refers to features of sexuality, as in chocolate is substance which increases when one is in love. Cacao develops the substance of luck - endorphin appearing in brains. It prevents tiredness and makes one happier… Chocolate contains microelements important for body - iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins - A, B1, C, D and E. is the chocolate is high quality the fats of chocolate are more friendly to body that others. They don't contain cholesterol. The opinion that milk and white chocolate are healthier is wrong. Milk and white chocolate contains the cacao 20% less then usual chocolate, but there is lot of sugar and other substances, which are not necessary not for adults and not for children. Chocolate is healthy if it is clear, black chocolate, which contains at least 60 % of cacao and there is minimum amount of sugar. It is advisable to eat 50 g of chocolate every day and it will act as prophylaxis to people who has high blood pressure and heart problems. 

As chocolate has so much positive properties it has become more and more popular in use of SPA treatments. For example, one small place in USA has become the sweetest city in the world, as it offers in its SPA center chocolate massage, chocolate wrapping and chocolate bath, but also chocolate manicure and pedicure. 
During the chocolate treatment instead of usual products (creams, oils) one is using the chocolate emulsion. One can get it by melting natural black chocolate and mixing it with almond oil. The movements during the massage are relaxing, that's why it is important to use reflexive massage. During such type massage the points of legs and arms are activated. It improves the all condition of health and calms down the system of nerves. Also during this massage the musculature is relaxed as well as during the usual classical massage. The main features - the improvement of blood circulation and light lymph drainage etc. And at least through the skin regenerating substances comes into the body.
Three benefits for the skin:

  • During the treatment the micro peeling is held, as the chocolate emulsion contains the small cacao granules. One doesn't feel them during the massage, although they clean the skin; make it smoother and smooth small wrinkles.
  • During the massage chocolate provides the skin with necessary nutritive substances, microelements and vitamins - group B, A, E and K. it also improves the metabolism processes.
  • During the chocolate therapy the skin becomes light, moisturized and tonic. It all thanks to emulsion and method used during the massage.

Three benefits for well-being:

  • It is aromatic massage, which helps to deep in into well - being of spiritual and physical. It is nice adventure if one wants to take away the stress of everyday and to enjoy the warm chocolate. The massage will help you to forget all troubles! And the most important thing that the taste of chocolate will stay all day long.
  • The aim of chocolate massage is not to use only touches and taste, but very important part of it is healing effect. It develops the produce of lame hormone. The one feels euphoria after the treatment and the eyes are shining. It is harmonic, warm, calm and even philosophic euphoria.