Hot Stone Massage

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Hot stone therapy is an old Oriental method of treatment which has mostly been used in India. Nowadays it has become one of the most popular procedures also in Europe and America. In Latvia the hot stone massage was first introduced in 2002 in beauty clinic 4th Dimension of Health Centre 4. Now it has already obtained the status of "fashionable procedure" and available in other beauty parlours. Hot stone massage is an exclusive procedure with high standards which can be a great and unexpected gift to a demanding colleague or a loved one...

People used to treat sore back using a heated brick wrapped in fabric.  The Roman emperor and his court that used to spend a lot of time in the water that ran out from the depths of the ground discovered a special "mineral" force, as they started to use stones for massage; these stones returned the warmth of the ground and its therapeutic properties. Nowadays scents, colours and feelings were combined to create the hot stone massage during which large and small untreated (natural) stones, changing them depending on the body parts - arms, legs, fingers, back, neck, face... Basalt that was formed in volcano eruptions after magma hardening, considering individual temperature sensitivity of each customer, is heated to the temperature up to 53º C.

Hot stone massage in harmonious combination with various techniques - manual massage, massage using terrycloth, heat irradiating stone massage can achieve body relaxation of the highest level. Stone massage creates harmony and positive energy flow, especially when it is enhanced by the scent of essential oils. The massage has a great therapeutic effect: not only it relieves from stress and relaxes, it also improves the metabolism, blood and lymph circulation (excretes toxins), has a positive impact on cardiovascular, hormonal, digestive and muscular systems, relaxes tense muscles, reduces cramps. Stones on the skin work on the particular skin area and create an impulse to other body areas through the nervous system. Due to thermal conductivity of the tissues, heat also reaches muscles and articulations.   Stone massage has a harmonizing and purifying effect which creates mental and physical balance, if performed in meditative silence and quietude. Stimulation of various body parts can eradicate the energy that makes our life less tense, as we make the forces in the body go wherever they are most needed and reduce the energy where there is plenty of it. Hot stone massage not only reduces physical impairments, but also eliminates their cause. Stones are placed between toes, on the feet and hands to improve the vegetative nervous system, as there are a lot of receptors in hands and feet; thus the inner force of the stone reaches the entire body. The longer the procedure is, the deeper is the effect, and therefore we recommend general body and head massage that lasts for about 2 hours.

Combined hot and cold stone massage or only cold stone massage can also be performed, when using cold sea stones that, unlike basalt that maintains heat, have great cold conductivity. Cold stone massage ensures tonifying effect and is used to stimulate blood reflux from particular areas, etc.

Additional seven coloured semi-precious stones are used at the end of the massage; they are placed on the centres of energy (chakras). Traditionally there are 7 chakras which are the centres of energy of our etheric body. Moreover, using the gems of the colour corresponding to each chakra it is also possible to treat the organs located in the chakra area. A red or black stone is placed on the basic centre of energy which stimulates the circulation of energy in legs and lesser pelvis, strengthens bone system; an orange stone is suitable for the sacral centre - it releases sexual energy, improves functions of the immune system and organs in the area of pelvis; a yellow stone (tiger eye or amber) is placed on the area of solar plexus - it improves mind clarity and has a positive effect on functions of all organs in this area. A green stone is suitable for the centre of heart energy - it embodies love, and balances and heals lungs and heart. A light-blue stone is suitable for the centre of energy in the neck - it improves metabolism and has a positive effect on functions of all organs in the neck area. An indigo, intensely blue stone is placed in the area of the third eye - on the forehead which connects physical and spiritual worlds; a light stone is placed on the head - on the centre of crown energy; it soothes pain, has a positive effect on brain functions and stimulates spiritual life. This colour therapy helps to obtain inner peace and harmony in everyday life. Chakra balancing has a positive effect not only on well-being, but it is also the only way how to unite the soul with the universal reason.

Positive impact of stone therapy helps to keep clean and radiating skin, and the oil used during the massage makes it soft and smooth. 

So called unconventional medicine has been the knowledge of the Oriental world for thousands of years; it has been able to influence the centres of energy for the balance of body and mind and allowed people to concentrate on their goals. You should try hot stone massage yourself and give this opportunity to others!