Honey Massage

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During a massage therapy people often use different cosmetics to discover nuances of different fragrances and to reduce the aesthetic problems of a body. Today we offer more body care therapies which use not only several massage methods but also cosmetics, thus providing a complex solution. In this urbanised environment when a human lacks the touch and breath of the nature, a special role among SPA procedures is played by natural products... Nothing can be better than honey collected by bees and used by a human hand...

Honey - Mild and Vigorous

Today beauty procedures increasingly use more natural products, including honey. Like chocolate, honey uncovers its amazing features by both ingesting it and through skin. Moreover, honey is one of the few food products of animal origin that comes to retail stores unprocessed. 
Due to its glutinous consistency honey can give different and variable sensations... The massage is based on the diversification of reflex therapy making an amazing combination of the healing impact of bee honey and a massage. Honey can arouse both tender and strong sensations depending on the air temperature and the massage technique. In bath procedures by massaging it on a warm body, the melting honey allows you to feel sweet sensuality. The today's aesthetic medicine oriented towards the achievement of a specific cosmetic result has turned this massage into an untraditional and original therapy of sensations. Beauty salons traditionally offer procedures during which honey is massaged into skin by patting or by "sticking" palms firmly onto the body and then tearing them away. The patting gradually becomes stronger and firmer until skin has absorbed almost all honey. The honey massage can be performed both on separate body areas and on the whole body. As honey possesses antiseptic and emollient features, it is often used for applications (masks) where honey is applied on the problematic zones of a hot body. 
For Healing and Cosmetic Purposes
There are more and more cosmetic products available that mainly consist of natural substances. However, there are products that can be used in a natural way, for example, honey, which allows you to sense the pleasant smell of the nature. Besides, the honey massage has long since been known as a healing massage used for increasing the body tone and building health. By supplying the body with bioactive agents honey absorbs toxins and fosters sooner elimination of them from the body, thus improving the body condition in general. During the honey massage the inner organs and tissue are supplied with nutrients, while at the deepest level of skin blood circulation improves. A complex honey therapy will serve as an ideal relaxing and revitalising procedure contributing also to skin by cleaning it; the skin will become silky and the subcutaneous thickenings will smooth out. 
The honey therapy starts with a peeling massage using abrasive gloves on dry skin. Next comes the lymph drainage massage with honey. By applying an appropriate massage technique it is mostly used for toning up connective tissue and skin and for fighting with cellulite by special treatment of the problematic zones of a body. The effectiveness is ensured by gradual transition from a superficial massage to a deep impact massage. The basis for treating cellulite is the improvement of blood circulation and the stimulation of lymph drainage, which also reduces overweight. The honey massage is succeeded by the wet towel massage. At the end of the procedure, the honey massage, which not always lets you drift in peace and pleasant sensations due to its orientation to a specific result, will be followed by a massage for harmonising the body and the spirit with oil. 
A massage is especially recommended in case if you have arthritis, metabolic disturbance, immunity disorder or cellulite. 
A massage is not recommended if you have acute inflammations, varicose veins, serious heart diseases, tumour or specific traumas. (Concerning other contraindications you should consult a specialist before a massage!) Special care should be taken by those who have allergic reaction to bee wax products!
To make the "honey ceremony" complete, it is recommended to have bath (sauna) procedures before the honey massage.
To improve the general condition of the body, it is recommended to drink 1.5-2 litres of water or herb tea after the massage.