Massage with Rock Crystals

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Massage with mountain crystals is based on Ayur Vedic principles. It is applied at the end of certain facial and body care procedures in order to help prevent various disturbances in inner organ functions, and also to balance mental energy, to relax, to harmonize emotional misbalance of senses, to facilitate effect of the visual result. The crystal therapy is based on three gems – Pink quartz (stone of heart and love), White crystal (balances and harmonizes senses and emotions), Amethyst (relieves from stress and tiredness). Face, neck and hairy part of head are massaged over the meridian lines. During crystals therapy in order to achieve the desired result the chosen stone can be placed on chakras – Third Eye or Jugular Fossa! Energy exchange is felt at least after 5 minutes, when the crystal changes color, therefore releasing or receiving negative energy… Gems are often used taking into account harmony of essential oils and crystals. Gems can also help to activate, load cosmetic substances, therefore loading them with curative features and enhancing efficiency of visual results.