Massage with Yogurt

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Yoghurt massage – the cosmetic yoghurt is used during the treatment as a massage solution, which has been derived as a result of yoghurt bacterial fermentation from the concentrated milk and sublimated dry powder of skimmed milk.

Feelings and effect depend on the mixture added to the yoghurt, but still any of these massages will improve blood circulation, flow of lymph, will increase body immune system capacity, remove toxins and perform pealing, since the mixture is of grainy consistency. “Sweet” yoghurt with additives of citrus or tropical fruits will create sensation of cooling freshness, provide skin and tissues with micro-elements and vitamins, humidifying, feeding and toning the skin. Procedure facilitates rejuvenation processes and serves as youth “conserving element”, applied already for a long time in Eastern beauty and health rites, preparing a girl for wedding ceremony. While the yoghurt with admixture of aroma species (earth almonds, curcuma, ginger, red pepper, rice powder, essential mint oil, etc.) which resembles “salty sauce” will create heating sensation in the body. It is especially recommended as the first signs of cold appear, but it also great in improving visual looks. Activation of life processes in the body causes “flames”, which accelerate metabolism, tone skin, reinstate Ph level, therefore also splitting fats and removing cellulites.