Buckwheat pad massage

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Warm buckwheat pad massage has been used in medicine for a long time, these buckwheat pads help to relax, calm down and restore energy, involving almost all organs of senses. Furthermore, buckwheat treats physical ailments and acts as an antidepressant in case of "emptiness inside" and "anxious mind". This massage is unique; only natural products are used during this procedure, shedding pleasant fragrance. Massage is given using shuffling warm cotton or linen bags filled with dry buckwheat. The procedure is complemented by passive exercise elements.

Massage has preventive and therapeutic effect and it is especially recommended in case of pain in the back and muscles, after heavy physical load, in case of internal organ diseases and in the initial stage of cold. Buckwheat massage strengthens the nervous system, improves function of the locomotor system and regulates metabolism. As buckwheat is able to absorb toxins from the body, massage provides detoxification and lung "aeration".

Buckwheat massage is also included in anti-cellulite programmes. Due to the heat emitted by heated pads, capillaries are filled with arterial blood, thus improving microcirculation. Moreover, buckwheat pad massage peels the skin, the skin elasticity and muscle tone is restored.