Massage with Bamboo

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Bamboo massage – aromatic oils and various royal bamboo sticks are used during the massage, adapting their size and diameter to particular body parts. The frontal and back parts are massaged, including feet, palms and fingers. Rolling bamboo over the body, movements at some moment become stronger then again lighter, massaging the upper part of skin, but not irritating it. 

The main objective of the massage is to prevent physical and emotional tension, to reinstate flow of vital energy. Since the bamboo is a plant symbolizing outstanding strength and it features mineral rich, rejuvenating and calming streaks, strength is regained during the massage. Bamboo sticks massage will be great adventure for everyone dreaming of nice rest and relaxation, enjoying the touch of exotics!!

Relaxing SPA session with royal bamboo massage:

  • Body pealing with grains of apricot.
  • Massage with royal bamboo and mix of aromatic oils (Macadamia, Grapes, Nuts, Lotus, Bamboo).
  • Body wrapping in the mask of lotus, bamboo, water lily, which relaxes body and calms the skin. (At the same time facial hand massage is done.)
  • Application of a cream containing Macadamia oil, satin powder, lotus, extracts of bamboo and water lily for the silky skin.
  • Massage of reflexogenous zones – feet with a special gel.