Lumenis M22 joint IPL and Nd:YAG Laser Device

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Lumenis M22 includes innovative solution because it combines both IPL device and neodymium or Nd: Yag laser; therefore it allows application of the most appropriate method or combination of methods within the frameworks of one treatment and space. Variations of multi methods and multi programs provide opportunities for finding specific solution for every client individually accordingly to the problem to be solved and peculiarities of the skin.

Within one treatment with the help of this device, by choosing the most appropriate method and nozzle, it is possible to cure different dermatological illnesses and solve visually aesthetic problems — renew colour of the skin, improve its elasticity, reduce pores, smooth wrinkles, improve acne scars, appearance of stretch marks, eliminate redundant hair.
This device is especially suitable for the elimination of inborn or acquired vascular formations (stars, angiomas, hemangiomas, “port wine” spots etc.) and even elimination of the enlarged superficial veins of the legs (up to 2 mm).
The surrounding tissues are not being damaged during this treatment. Lumenis 22 IPL devices operate after the selective photothermolisis principle and accordingly to wavelength act onto specific chromophor (pigments, blood vessels) without damaging the surrounding skin. Also the laser does not harm surrounding tissues but during the treatment, for example, heats up and coagulates only walls of blood vessels. The damaged blood vessel is not able to grow any more.