Lightsheer duet

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Lightsheer duet is the new generation diode laser which is globally considered as the "gold standard" in excessive hair removal. Advantages of this laser:

  • Its two (small and large) tips allow processing faster any area of the face and body. The smaller tip is especially suitable for hard to access areas, e.g., bikini, facial hair removal, and the larger tip is used for larger skin areas. The large tip is used to remove hair from such large areas and whole legs and back, which considerably decreases duration of the procedure from 30-40 min. to 15-20 min.
  • Pain control is not required during the procedure, as the laser tip has an built-in auto-cooling system.
  • Contact gel is not required during the procedure, as there is a vacuum system in the tip which guarantees tight contact of the tip to the processed area. Vacuum system ensures deeper penetration of laser beam into the skin, thus increasing energy absorption and hair follicles are destroyed in a more efficient way. Moreover, the procedure is less painful, as heat impulse is suppressed under the influence of vacuum pressure.
  • This laser system allows selecting required laser energy mode individually for each person; the data about patient's skin phototype, hair colour and structure are entered before the procedure; laser impulse intensity (speed), vacuum volume and other parameters can be changed. This procedure is suitable for individual with fair and moderately dark skin, upon condition that the skin area to be processed is not exposed to sun rays 2 weeks before the procedure and after it.

How is hair removed using LIGHTSHEER DUET?
The procedure consists of two stages: the skin is mildly "sucked in" using vacuum, which is followed by a laser impulse. Laser diode emits the light which is absorbed by pigment melanin in the hair root or follicle. The laser impulse is transformed into thermal energy and it damages hair root selectively, i.e., at random. This process is called selective thermolysis. The damaged hair cannot grow any longer, and it dies out and falls out during 1-2 weeks. It should be borne in mind that the laser only affects the hair in so-called active growth phases which only amount to 10-20% of all hair.