Lightsheer Duet laser

Apply to procedure

Lightsheer Duet laser system allows to individually adjusting laser energy mode tailored for each individual, it is performed by the input of data about the photo type of the skin of the patient, hair colour and structure before the treatment; it is also possible to alter intensity, speed, vacuum strength and other parameters of the laser impulse. This treatment is suitable for the owners of light or medium dark skin colour with the precondition that the processed skin area will not be tanned four weeks before and after the procedure.

This laser has two (small and big) nozzles that allow faster processing of any area of the face and body. The smallest nozzle is especially suitable for hardly reachable places, for example, bikini, epilation of the face but the biggest nozzle is used for the bigger areas of the skin. By treating areas as big as legs in all length and back with the bigger nozzle time of the treatment is significantly reduced from 30–40 minutes to 15–20 minutes.

Pain killing is not necessary during the procedure as special self-cooling system is incorporated into the nozzle of the laser. When the treatment is performed with nozzle that includes vacuum system contact gel is not necessary because it guarantees close fitting of the nozzle to the treated area. Besides the vacuum system secures deeper penetration of the laser ray into the skin, therefore increasing absorption of the energy and elimination of the hair follicle is performed even more effectively. Besides treatment has become less painful as due to the vacuum pressure the impulse of the heat is being «suppressed».