Laser/photo Hair Removal


You can get rid of unwanted hair using different techniques and methods, but one of the most modern techniques which has proven its high efficiency over several years is laser/photo hair removal.


Laser/photo hair removal can be applied on different areas of the body – face, breast, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini. Surely, no technique can guarantee that hair will never grow after it. However, the advantage of this technique is that after a full course of procedures which were correctly performed, growing hair will become thinner and finer after each hair removal and this correction will be only required one in six months or once a year. Furthermore, there is no need to wait for the time when hair is long enough or be afraid of inflammations.

The number and frequency of procedures depend on the treated area, hormone level, inheritance and hair growth rate, thickness and hardness - our to eight laser/photo hair removal procedures are usually required spaced a month apart. However, no apparent changes can be seen on the following day after laser/photo hair removal, and due to hair physiology laser/photo hair removal can only remove hair partly. A noticeable effect can usually be reached after the second or third procedure, as the light only destroys the follicles in growth (anagenous) phase. The amount of hair in this phase depends on the area of the body (e.g. there are 65% of anagenous hair on the upper lip, and 20% on legs and arms) and individual features. This hair is about 30% of all body hair, thus the other 70% are in a passive phase and cannot absorb the light, therefore they do not respond to removal.


Laser/photo hair removal also has a cosmetic/therapeutic effect. For instance, hair often grow in and cause pimples after bikini hair removal, but this non-aesthetic appearance of the skin can be solved after the first procedure using this technique.

Laser/photo hair removal can be performed with several new generation devices which allow specialists choose the most suitable type of laser/photo hair removal for each customer. Thanks to modern technologies it has become even more painless. The most important is to find the appropriate solution - suitable photo hair removal or laser device and have this procedure done under supervision of an experienced specialist - physician. As there is a special cream for each skin type or medicines for a health issue, each hair with its colour, structure and location requires an individual approach.