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Sculpturing massage differs from other kinds of massage by its selective effect on particular tissues of the body. Considering physiological processes of the body at that time, the desired result for body shaping is achieved.

The method involves 2 programmes. The first one increases the volume by 2 - 2.5 cm in particular areas of the body and tonifies them. The second one reduces the volume by 3 - 3.5 cm. The reducing effect can be reached on the 10th - 14th day after the last procedure, but the enlarging effect - on the 2nd -  5th day. The massage significantly reduces cellulitis. In order to achieve the desired result, the massage must be started at a certain time, it must be done on a regular basis and certain conditions must be applied, e.g., contraception must not be taken (they change hormonal level), etc.

In order to reach the best effect, this massage can be combined with THALASSO therapy - applications of cosmetic products made of sea plants, which stimulate weakening, lymph drainage, detoxication (help to remove excessive fluid and toxins from the tissues), remineralisation (refresh, moisture the tissues), stimulate cellular metabolism (proper collagen and elastin fibres are produced in connective tissue cells – tissue elasticity is improved, lypolysis processes occur in fatty cells – reserves decrease).

Lypossage massage for the body – newest kind of massage for body shaping. It is manual, non-invasive massage, alternative to such methods as liposuction, body contouring, “anti ageing” and detoxication. Massage is done on the upper (hands, armpits, back, stomach) or lower (stomach, hips, buttocks, legs) part of the body. The main function of this new method is decreasing the amount of fat tissues and improvement of lymph removal, which results in decreased size of body problematic areas and of cellulites.

The result – loss of body weight and size along with detoxication of the body. Lypossage allows local impact and individual treatment of each body part, which is not possible if the machine is used.

The core of this method lies in unique technique of lymph drainage, mio-fascial techniques and massages.

Particularities of the lypossage massage technique:

  • Deep rubbing
  • Rolling of skin
  • Deep poaching
  • Percussion
  • Pushing