Body esthetic


In order to solve an esthetic problem of the body women mostly choose different body care products or procedures in beauty parlours. However, the expected result is often not achieved, and there is an impression that such issues as excess weight, cellulite and lack of skin elasticity cannot be solved... Entrust your body to the specialists of 4th Dimension who will take care of its beauty, health and your emotional well-being!

The range of body-related issues to be solved:

  • Improvement of breast shape (weak connective tissue, underdeveloped small breasts, asymmetrical breasts, etc.).
  • Reduction of body volume.
  • Improvement of skin elasticity.
  • Anti-cellulite treatment.
  • Stria prevention and treatment.
  • Body care during pregnancy.
  • Prevention of varicose veins.
  • Preparation for plastic surgeries.
  • Rehabilitation after plastic surgeries.

To achieve better results, a treatment plan is made individually for each customer; the plan includes diagnostics and recommendations for daily diet and physical load.

Depending on the customer's wishes and issues to be solved we offer body and breast care procedures which include application of the latest beauty care technologies and manual methods which are combined to reach the desired effect. You can also buy products for intense body care at home to ensure better result.