Fractional Light Laser (FRAXEL)

Apply to procedure

Fractional light (FRAXEL) laser is a surgical laser but with new, significantly different effect on tissue. In comparison with other surgical lasers known up to know (Erbium and CO2) operational principles of FRAXEL are based on unique fractionated technology: during the procedure laser light gets into the skin in form of hundreds of thin beams. Consequently, microscopic zones invisible to the eye form in skin, in which the damaged cells are eliminated and formation of new cells, collagen and elastin takes place. Simultaneously, part of the healthy tissue remains untouched, because skin renews soon after the FRAXEL treatment. Skin comprehends the FRAXEL treatment as a signal to start natural skin renewal process that continues in deeper tissue the next 2-3 months after the treatment.

FRAXEL laser therapy is equivalent to plastic surgery and can be applied for the:

  • Improvement of skin colour and freshness.
  • Contraction and smoothing of pores.
  • Elimination of various pigmentations.
  • Skin renewal, distraction of aging marks and smoothing of wrinkles on face, neck, hands and breasts.

Scar-smoothing of different origin (traumatic, post-surgical, post-burn and other scars). Especially effective for the scars after acne eruptions!