Fractional Erbium Glass Fibre Laser

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Multifunctional combined fractional Erbium glass fibre laser eliminates different visually non-aesthetical skin problems and can be applied for:

  • Rejuvenation of facial, neck, décolleté zone skin (skin renewal by eliminating signs of aging) starting from soft laser peeling, soft gradual wrinkle smoothing to grinding of facial skin for achieving maximum fast results.
  • Correction of scars of different origin, particularly effective for treatment of heavy acnes.
  • Gradual contraction and smoothing of enlarged pores in central part of face.
  • Gradual contraction of facial skin due to loss of elasticity.
  • Modelling and renewal of collagen in problematic zones.

With Erbium laser it is possible to adjust depth of skin renewal. It does not damage the surrounding tissue, and just small redness of skin can be observed after the treatment. Formation of scab takes place only in case of deeper and more serious skin defects. Make-up can be used the following day after the treatment.
These laser therapies are performed in any part of the body including eyelid zone by applying local anaesthesia.