Physical therapy

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Applying electric procedures, microcurrent activates fat cell metabolism and results in fat splitting processes. Lipolysis is one of the procedures used at the beginning of anti-cellulite and volume reducing therapy. It is recommended in combination with other device procedures to ensure better results. Ultrasound is very efficient in case of weak connective tissue, stria therapy, and cellulite reduction. Ultrasound is used only in local body parts (hips, thighs, knee areas). Cell micro massage is performed during this procedure, and an active substance is entered into deeper layers of the skin which results in blood vessel dilation and improvement of cell microcirculation. Cavitation is the most recent method of fat splitting which is an alternative to plastic surgery, as fatty cells split during ultrasound procedure do not restore, but the fat released from fatty cells are excreted from the body through vascular and lymphatic systems.