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Exclusive latest generation multifunctional aesthetic medicine ELOS technological device – eTwo – has joined the existing laser technologies of the Beauty Clinic 4th Dimension; this device combines two unique Sublime & Sublative applicators provided for the overall renewal of the facial and body skin and perfecting of the outer appearance.

Sublime includes bi-polar radio frequency energy and infrared light – acting onto the deepest layers of the derma, it heats them up and gently and effectively stimulates new formation of collagen and elastin, and as a result facial contours are improved and while acting onto the lateral areas of the skin wrinkles around mouth and eyes are smoothed.

Sublative applicator includes bi-polar radio frequency technology and fractionally renews skin in three different depths. This treatment is of equal value with the plastic surgery but much gentler. During the treatment energy of the radio frequency enters the skin in the form of hundred thin bundles. As a result microscopic areas that can’t be seen with the eyes form into the skin and new cells, collagen and elastin start to produce in these zones. It is used for the improvement of the complexion and freshness of the skin, contraction and smoothing of the enlarged pores, correcting of various pigmentation spots, rejuvenation of the skin, elimination of the signs of aging and smoothing of wrinkles on the face, neck, hands and décolleté, correction of scars of different origin (acne-type inflamed eruptions), including, reduction of stretch marks. Due to the second smallest applicator it is possible to carefully act onto the skin around eyes, therefore to lift sunken eyelids, reduce puffiness under the eyes that up to now could be done only with the surgical methods!