Aesthetic Laser Therapy

Aesthetic laser therapy that is widely applied in dermatology and aesthetic medicine is one of the newest scientific achievements. The modern laser systems have become much more accurate and selective, thus ensuring better medical treatment effect and security level that was not available before.


Laser therapy has outstanding advantages in aesthetic medicine, because laser equipment gives opportunity of solving aesthetic problems (new skin growths, birth marks, pigmented spots, fine lines, etc.) by eliminating them with minimal or practically without any cosmetic defect. Laser has the unique feature of producing one specific light color (wavelength) that can be adjusted individually for each patient by intensity and duration of impact. This fixed laser beam has effect on skin just for the defect to be eliminated without affecting and damaging the surrounding skin or the rest of body. Fear of harmful impact of lasers applied in dermatology to human body, for example, vision, hearing or sex drive, is unsubstantiated. These lasers do not have the feature of radiating or some other way having impact on human body. Lasers differ from each other not just by type of effect but also technical parameters: wavelength of beams, capacity and operation mode.

Range of problems that can be solved:

  • Examination of the non-malignant new formations onto the skin (birth marks, papilloma, fibroma etc.) with syscopy and diagnostic biopsy, as well as surgical elimination with Co2 or Erbium (BURANE) lasers.
  • Correction of the scars in all parts of the body and head with Co2, infrared FRAXEL re-store 1550nm lasers and IPL (Quantum Lumenis, Lumenis M22) light equipment and injections.
  • Elimination of blood-vessel formations, enlarged capillaries (on the body and face) and permanent elimination of redness with Nd:YAG 1064nm laser and IPL (Quantum Lumenis, Lumenis M22) light equipment.
  • Additional curing of the acne-type inflamed eruptions with chemical latest generation peeling and IPL (Quantum Lumenis, Lumenis M22) light equipment.
  • Elimination of tattoos and permanent make-up with Q-Swich ruby (Sinon ruby) laser.
  • Correction of pigmentation problems with Q-Swich ruby (Sinon ruby) laser, IPL (Quantum Lumenis, Lumenis M22), FRAXEL re-store, chemical peeling and specialized therapeutic cosmetics.
  • Complex rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolleté zone: renewal the complexion, tonus and structure of the skin, lifting of the skin, correction of wrinkles and bigger wrinkles, contraction of enlarged pores by using IPL (intensive pulsating light) therapy, fractional laser plastics (FRAXEL re-store, CO2), hialuronic acid, vitamin and amino acid injections and therapeutic rejuvenating chemical peeling.
  • Elimination of ingrown hair with Q-Swich (Sinon ruby) ruby, alexandrite and diode Lightsheer lasers.
  • Elimination of the redundant hair with Alexandrite (Arion), diode LIGHTSHEER DUET laser and IPL (Quantum Lumenis, Lumenis M22) photo epilation equipments.
  • Correction of stretch marks with the complex effect of various technologies: IPL (Quantum Lumenis, Lumenis M22), fractional laser plastics, chemical ablation of tissues, radio frequency (Syneron Candela), vacuum massage.