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Reason of non-aesthetic outer appearance problems is often related with people’s health!


Consultations of high profile dermatologists and diagnostics and treatment of all kinds of acute and chronic skin diseases, as well as elimination of visually non-aesthetic problems with the help of latest technologies. Accurate statement of diagnostics allows providing faster healing process and high quality results in case of dermatological diseases. Clients can follow the progress of the disease by using modern image technologies.

Combinations of contemporary methods by including medication therapy, if necessary, are used for treatment and elimination of different dermatological problems and cosmetic defects.

Spectrum of the available dermatological services:

  • Diagnostics and elimination of the new growths in the skin (birth marks, papillomas, fibromas).
  • Elimination of blood-vessel formations, enlarged capillaries, deep blood vessels, pigmentation spots, “port wine” spots.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of skin, nails and hair funguses.
  • Treatment of dry, sensitive, irritable skin, acne vulgaris.
  • Prevention of excess sweating.
  • Rejuvenation of the skin, prevention of the signs of ageing, smoothing of wrinkles, decreasing of scars of different origin.
  • Elimination of permanent make-up and tattoos.
  • Elimination of excess hair.
  • Removal of ingrown hair and inflamed rash.


Sweating is an unavoidable and integral function of human body which, unfortunately, may also cause inconvenience. However, excessive armpit sweating is no longer an unavoidable process. New innovative solutions constantly emerge in the aesthetic medicine, including effective methods aimed at reducing sweating. Now in Latvia - in beauty clinic 4th Dimension of Heath Centre 4 sweating can be reduced using Alma SweatX radiofrequency (RF) technology. Hyperactivity of sweat glands is immediately suppressed when exposed to elevated temperature during the procedure, ensuring long-term result.

RF procedure lasts for 20-30 minutes. It is recommended to undergo 4 to 6 procedures with one-week interval depending on the amount and activity of sweat glands. The therapy course should be repeated once every 12 or 6 months.

In order to make sure radiofrequency therapy selectively works from inside on both types of sweat glands located at different levels (up to 8 mm deep), the procedure is performed using two types of caps. When armpit areas are treated with circling movements, tissues are heated up to 45 ºC, and the temperature is maintained.