CO2 Fractional Laser

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With the help of the latest generation surgical ultra-pulsating CO2 fractional laser it is possible to process skin with high accuracy by using special scanner during the treatment. New technology significantly differs from all others because depth and capacity of the laser effect can be altered accordingly to the skin type and character of the problem. Unlike others classically ablative lasers fractional lasers act in the form of dots therefore the healing period after treatment is much shorter. After the healing of little wound skin begins to rejuvenate and produce new collagen and this process continues for six more months after the treatment.

Laser treatments are performed in any part of the body, including eyelid zone, where local anaesthesia is applied. Skin renews without visually observable marks. The treatment has no age limitations and there is no need to use analgesics afterwards.

CO2 fractional laser therapy is applied for the:

  • Elimination of various non-malignant new skin growths (birth marks, fibromas, papillomas, warts etc.).
  • Renewal of facial skin – elimination of fine/medium observable wrinkles and smoothing of skin also in zones where facial plastic surgery is low-effective or impossible. Simultaneously, laser procedure produces lifting effect and appearance of the skin continues to improve for six more months after the treatment.
  • Correction of scars and elimination of pigmentation.